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Mealworms have a healthy appetite and can grow rapidly in good conditions.


Benefits of Feeding Dried Mealworms

Mealworms are a natural delicacy to pets. They provide nutrients, mainly rich in protein and fat and can be served either live or dried, and your pet will most definitely enjoy them for a meal. However, mealworms aren't worms but are in fact the larvae of darkling beetle. Much similar to a butterfly changing from caterpillar to a chrysalis and then changing into an actual butterfly, the egg of darkling beetle develops into what is known as a mealworm. This then transforms into pupae followed by a darkling beetle.

Both types of mealworms are good sources of protein and fiber but, dried ones are long lasting since moisture has been extracted from them. However, one needs to keep the supply of clean water steady ; since for the variety of pets and wild animals feeding on the mealworms, hydration is of essence. Dried mealworms are made from the live form of mealworms.

They are first frozen then, freeze-dried such that the dried mealworms retain their nutritional value. Being rich in amino acids, fats and protein, drying the mealworms ensures preservation of all essential nutrients as well as increasing their shelf life. Unlike live mealworms, dried are easy to store and don't require refrigeration. They are actually recommended as food sources for birds, hedgehogs and reptiles, fish turtles, poultry of all kinds as well as wild garden birds.

Many people would be grossed out by the sight of wriggling mealworms; others are often allergic to live mealworms and as such, dried mealworms are easier to feed. Dried or roasted mealworms are basically these mealworms, which have been dried out through either freeze-drying or else heating.

Dried mealworms are however not seasonal; and unlike live ones, can be fed throughout the year. This includes during summer when the ground gets hard preventing birds from obtaining earthworms.

They can be fed almost by any means; whether, sprinkling right on the floor, or placing them on feeders or bird tables. Moreover, you could get yourself a mealworm feeder, specially designed for mealworms. One could also have them mixed into the usual wild bird mix or seed mix such that, they last longer. For birds, they provide a natural alternative in times when insectivorous protein is not available. Dried mealworms are recommended during breeding, whereby they need to be moistened by soaking in warm water, prior to use for youngsters.

Dried mealworms attract various insect-loving birds because they are fairly tasty compared to live ones. A natural source of high-energy, these dried mealworms provide 50% protein, and 25% fat as well as is free of preservatives and additives. Farm-raised mealworms are freeze-dried quickly to retain the savor, freshness, plus nutritional value. Blend the crunchy insects using 25 pounds of any preferred wild bird meal to attract more birds or else serve your bird alone in it dish-feeder.

Mealworms can as well be rehydrated by soaking in water prior to serving. Seed eaters plus insectivores, like dried mealworms and flock in your backyard to enjoy these delicious mealworms. As soon as you put the dried mealworms in the bird feeders, you can draw cardinals, bluebirds, nuthatches, mockingbirds, robins, orioles, grosbeaks, and many others. Hard plastic containers help in keeping dried mealworms fresh as well as ready-to-serve.

Mealworms thus, play a major role in nutrition for a variety of birds and wild animals and as such, should be part of your pets' diet!

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