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Mealworms have a healthy appetite and can grow rapidly in good conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If My Mealworms Arrive Dead?
While this is very rare, we are very willing to replace shipments which just don't make it! Simply take a photo of the dead mealworms on arrival, send us the photo within 48 hours, and we will ensure a replacement is shipped to you as soon as possible.

Are The Mealworms Fresh?
YES! Mealworms are freshly harvested to order to ensure you get the most healthly mealworms arriving at your door. Our mealworm packs have not been sitting around in a fridge for weeks on end. The mealworm food and bedding is fresh and very few mealworm castings (waste matter) will be found.

My mealworms are not moving, are they dead?
Often people can confuse motionless mealworms with being unfortunate casualties of the postal journey. Mealworms are most lively and active when exposed to warm temperatures (21-26 celsius). Exposing mealworms to cooler temperatures will cause their activity to reduce significantly. Therefore, if you notice your mealworms are not moving, don't worry! When a mealworm dies, it will turn black and become soft. To liven your mealworms up, simply place them in a warm environment for 30-60 minutes. We suggest this before feeding them to your pet(s).

How long will my mealworms last?
How long your mealworms last will depend on the conditions they are kept. Mealworms can last for an indefinite period of time in cold temperatures, as this stunts the growth process. Ideally, mealworms can be stored in your refrigerator, which will keep them alive for several weeks (even months). For a complete guide to keeping your mealworms, please click here.

What is the status of my order?
You can check the status of your order online by clicking here

What is the best way to feed the mealworms to my pets?
For information on feeding suggestions, please click here.

How should I care for my mealworms?
Mealworms are very basic creatures. You only need to worry about temperature, food and moisture. To increase the life of your mealworms, we recommend storing them in your refrigerator, adding a slice of apple or potato every 7 days (removing the old slice). For a more complete guide to keeping your mealworms, please click here.

How many mealworms should I feed my pet?
Since the protein and fat content of mealworms is significantly high, we recommended being conservative when feeding your pet(s). Of course, it depends on the size and type of the animal you are feeding, so please check our feeding suggestions.

Do mealworms carry any diseases?
NO, mealworms are harmless creatures without smell, disease or bacteria. In fact, they are almost clean enough to eat yourself, but we don't recommend it!

How will the mealworms be packaged?
We ship our mealworms inside a hessian/burlap bag which will contain sufficient food & moisture for 10-14 days. The bag is then packaged in a small cardboard carton (with air holes) for shipping. If you select to ship your order express, the carton will further we packaged into an Australia Express Parcel envelope. If we expect your location to be experiencing humid or hot temperatures, we will highly recommend express delivery, or we can not offer our 100% guarantee. Sometimes we will include a cold pack to assist in reducing the internal temperature of the carton.

Should I be home to accept the order?
We strongly advise that you provide a postal address which will mostly likely reach someone during business hours, so they can take care of the mealworms immediately. Providing a postal address where the package has the potential to have expoure to the environment is a bad idea in general!

What if I have problems with my order?
If you have any problems with your order, we look forward to hearing from you. To check the status of your order, you can track the progress online here. To submit a support ticket, please see contact us with your order reference.

Where do you ship orders to?
Generally we prefer to post to regions in southern regions of Australia, where the temperatures are not extreme. Depending on the season, we have no problems posting to customers in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia & Capital Territory. During the summer season in these regions, we may include a cool pack to assist in safe arrival of mealworms (and insist on Express Postage). For customers in more humid and heat prone regions, such as Northern Territory, Queensland & Western Australia, we insist express post is always used, with extra provisions taken to ensure safe arrival. For high risk areas we can not offer our 100% guarantee during the summer season.

What is a meal worm?
Although commonly referred to as a worm, the mealworm is actually larva from the mealworm beetle (Tenebrio molitor), a species of darkling beetle. As all other holometabolic insects, they develop through four life stages: egg, larva, pupa and finally adult beetle where they mate. The larvae typically measure around 2.5cm, whereas the adult beetles are generally between 1.25 and 1.8 cm in length.

What does a mealworm beetle eat?
Mealworms and adult beetles thrive on grain based products such as bran, oats or wheat. To hydrate, mealworms eat vegetation such as fresh or decaying organic matter.

Do meal worms have eyes?
Mealworms have rudimentary eyes that can detect a range of light levels but do not allow the mealworm to form a clear image of its surroundings. For the most part, mealworms use their sense of touch to navigate.

How many eggs does a mealworm beetle lay?
Between 300 and 500 eggs.

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