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Eating Insects for Sustainability

Misty Kirchgessner
Misty Kirchgessner
posted Monday 11th of August 2014

I'm a teacher in s school in Gippsland and we have a kitchen garden program that has been running for over 4 years now. We have been completing a unit of work about eating insects for sustainability and when we finished it the kids were keen to try using insects in our kitchen program to try something new. I also wanted to 'grow' some insects to complete the unit which looked at reproductive growth of insects and efficiency compared to the likes of beef. To combine these together I thought meal worms would be a good choice as they will probably be disguisable in food and I knew how low maintenance they are to grow in a classroom.

My question to you is...if we are going to do this we need to start with meal worms that have only been fed of edible by human food in case any of this generation accidentally get eaten. (Our intention would be to grow and eat 2nd generation.) I'm not asking for a guarantee on edibility of your worms and you feel liable but just that they have been grown in human food initially prior to us buying them.

Also, in case you were interested in being part of the project you would be more than welcome and we would be happy to advertise your business in response. I just thought if say that in case you were interested in being part of it and helping the kids through email with questions or suggestions etc. We were given your website from Bug Blitz, an organisation who teaches and involves kids in sustainability and the science and role of bugs in our environment.
Martyn's Mealworms
Martyn's Mealworms
posted Tuesday 12th of August 2014
I find your proposal interesting and would like to pursue it. I am educated on the increasing interest of Western countries in exploring an insect based diet (in theory) compared to traditional farming methods.

Regarding your question of edibility, first generation of breeding mealworms with natural methods would be fine for human consumption.

I would be happy to answer student questions. I'm thinking we can provide offer the product without cost in return for whatever promotion.

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