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Mealworms have a healthy appetite and can grow rapidly in good conditions.


25 Giant Mealworms (2" Long)



Giant mealworms (Zophobas Morio) are 2 inches in length and 1/4 inch in diameter! If you have never seen one before, you might get surprised as to their size. Large reptiles, birds, fish and chickens go crazy for them. They are very active and fast moving. They can be kept for months, but unlike their smaller counter part, they don't need refrigeration (it can kill them). Giant mealworms are a tropical species, different to the common mealworm, and naturally grow to a larger size.
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Typical Analysis:53% protein, Fat 28%, Fibre 6%
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25 Giant Mealworms (2" Long) $9.95
50 Giant Mealworms (2" Long) $16.95
100 Giant Mealworms (2" Long) $26.95



Are The Giant Mealworms Fresh? YES! Our Giant Mealworms are freshly harvested on order to ensure you get the most healthly live pet food arriving at your door. Our packs have not been sitting around for weeks on end.

What Happens If They Arrive Dead? While this is very rare, we are very willing to replace shipments which just don't make it! Simply take a photo on arrival, send us the photo within 48 hours, and we will ensure a replacement is shipped to you as soon as possible.

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All products are shipped from Bendigo, Victoria. Guaranteed Delivery Australia Wide.
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Quality Assurance: We offer quality assurance on all our orders. If you find your order does not arrive in good condition, please take a photo immediately and email to us.

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