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Due to a limited supply of live mealworms, we will be unable to complete orders of LIVE mealworms at this time. All other products are still available. Check back for updates. Sorry for any inconvenience -- Martyns Mealworms

Fact of the Day
Mealworms have a healthy appetite and can grow rapidly in good conditions.


Live Mealworms

500 Large Mealworms

1000 Large Mealworms

2000 Large Mealworms


Dried Mealworms

 Dried Mealworms Free Sample

 Dried Mealworms (100 grams)

$11.96  (20% off)
 Dried Mealworms (500 grams)

$23.96  (20% off)

 Dried Mealworms (1KG)

$39.20  (20% off)
 Dried Mealworms (2KG)

$67.20  (20% off)
 Dried Mealworms (5KG)

$134.40  (20% off)

 Dried Mealworms (10KG)

$279.20  (20% off)

Dried Crickets

 Dried Crickets (100 grams)

$9.99  (20% off)
 Dried Crickets (500 grams)

$23.96  (20% off)
 Dried Crickets (1KG)

$39.20  (20% off)

 Dried Crickets (2KG)

$67.20  (20% off)

Giant Mealworms (Zophobas Morio)

25 Giant Mealworms (2" Long)

50 Giant Mealworms (2" Long)

100 Giant Mealworms (2" Long)


Snails (Helix Aspersa)

15 Garden Snails (Helix aspersa)

sold out
30 Garden Snails (Helix aspersa)

sold out
60 Garden Snails (Helix aspersa)

sold out

Free Range Poultry Mix

 5kg Free Range Poultry Mix

 20kg Free Range Poultry Mix


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