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Mealworms have a healthy appetite and can grow rapidly in good conditions.


Pamper Your Domesticated Birds: Taming Chickens With Mealworm Treats

If you long for a coop-full of tame chickens, then it's time for you to take action. Whether your flock is composed of exotic, furry-feathered beauties or jumbo, brown-egg layers, there is no reason why your flock can't be beautiful healthy specimens that respond to your call.

Reward them with mealworms in their diet and allow the specialized nutrition and appropriate care to keep your group happy. They will thank you.

Entice Them With Fancy Mealworms

Taming them is as easy as making a habit of bringing a handful of mealworms to offer them as a special snack. Just like your puppy runs to you for a doggy bone, your chickens will know to expect a snack when you approach. Nutrition is important to your family members, and it's also essential for your chickens.

Mealworms are the larvae of the Darkling beetle, and they provide essential amino acids that are required for good health. Dried and live mealworms are high in protein and high-grade oils.

Diets that include these treats help birds that are stressed, underweight, or recovering from an illness. A little pampering is always good for the chickens.

Encourage Foraging

Sprinkle some early-morning samples in the chicken run to encourage scratching and foraging. Chickens love to scratch in the earth for insects and to produce their own "dust-beds" for hygiene. Add some mealworms to corn kernels and scatter to help alleviate boredom. Your brood will appreciate recreation and play too.

Stir the Deep Litter

Just like turning the compost pile keeps everything fresh and aired, the deep litter system in your coop needs to be stirred too. Toss in a handful of mealworms and watch the fun begin. Food is one of the great joys of a chicken's life, and scratching for tasty tidbits is entertainment.

Elevate Immune Systems

Feed mealworms along with normal rations of pellets and mash to help keep your bird's immune systems elevated. Just like you, an improper diet will open the door to malnutrition and disease. Feed only the amount of mealworms that the flock can eat at one time. Overeating can encourage overweight chickens that become compromised layers.

Improve Nutrition

Chickens require balanced diets to maintain healthy bodily functions. Adding low cost mealworms to the diet provides fats and carbohydrates for energy. The larvae are close to 50 percent protein; moreover, they aid in egg laying and fighting off disease. The high vitamin A and B content aids in the growth of feathers in the young and replenishing those of molting age.

Discourage Feather Picking

Taming your poultry by offering mealworms energizes them and stimulates their activities. Cold weather boredom and small spaces become less of a challenge with the addition of special treats. Feather-picking disappears with proper attention.

Train your chickens to welcome your company; ultimately, they are fast-learners and will follow you if they get the chance.

Enjoy the Parenting Skills Of Mother Hens

Chickens are excellent parents to their offspring. Humans could take some lessons from their instinctive and excellent parenting skills such as:

  • teaching mindfulness and nurturing comforts
  • setting aside time to sing and snuggle with their young
  • communicating and teaching of life skills in soft voices
  • instilling positive behavior habits with one-on-one actions
  • Your entry into the world of domesticated birds can be a rewarding journey.

    Now that you know more about taming your chickens and the healthy survival of your poultry cluster, you can relax and enjoy their entertaining escapades. You deserve it.

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