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Mealworms have a healthy appetite and can grow rapidly in good conditions.



"I just received my mealworms this morning, thank you so much! My chookies went absolutely mental for them, it was so heartwarming to watch. I have a little runt, Lucy, who is half the size of the other ladies, and she was snaffling down the most! Very very happy and I'm sure it won't be too long before my next order." - Lisa (VIC)

"Just wanted to thank you for your assistance in delivering my meal worms. You run a very unique and professional service. You should be very proud of this. I have dealt with many other companies in the past years that are not even in the same league." - Michael (NSW)

"Just wanted to say a big thanks to Martyn's Mealworms for providing me the best quality snails I have ever had delivered. Arrived in perfect order and all doing well. Can't wait to buy some more." - Brendon (NT)

"Just wanted to say thank you, I received my order today, and my chickens loved the mealworms. Between the five of them, they didn't last long. I'll definitely be placing another order in the future. Thank you very much :)" - Elizabeth (QLD)

"I ordered yesterday morning, I received it at the post office in QLD this morning!!!! Freaking awesome service. THANK YOU" - Jonathan (QLD)

"The package arrived today - friday 31st Oct. It was delivered in good order and very quickly. May I thank you very much for this transaction." - Peter (NSW)

"My turtles and duck absolutely love both the live and dried mealworms. Product, service and packaging was excellent. Thanks so much. Will continue to order on a regular basis." - Christine (Victoria)

"Hi, just wanted to say thanks. Service was great and mealies and snails arrived well packed and in great condition yesterday. Happy to recommend! Will buy again!!" - Lisa (NSW)

"Just wanted to let you know my order of mealworms arrived today in excellent condition - ironic that I can get them in better condition from Victoria than at my local produce store 2 minutes away." - Raye (QLD)

"We were very satisfied as the worms were HUGE compared to what we have been getting. I will be in touch for our next order soon." - Nadia (QLD)

"Excellent service, thanks heaps, all our wild birds and lizards will be happy." - Karen (NSW)

"Received the package yesterday am shocked with how quick I got the delivery. Thank you very much for the great service & quality packaging. Only have a few lizards but will get a steady order from now on." - Peter (NSW)

"Fast processing - lizard loving the big meal worms. Thanks!" - Jodie (VIC)

"Many thanks. Your mealworms are 'chocolate' for my chooks. High quality product." - Michael (NSW)

"The meal worms arrived safely and thanks for that - they are really good value and the animals love them." - Jacqueline (QLD)

"Received my 1st order today, thanks. Very happy with the quality, most worms survived freight & fantastic, quick service." - Vicki (VIC)

"Received them safe and sound. The birds are loving them." - Mary (VIC)

"Thank you my order arrived and all was well. I really appreciate the information about the care of the worms. I feed these worms to an Axolotl called Axle and he loves them." - Narelle (NSW)

"It was good to see how well the worms had traveled, fat and active and not dehydrated. The gauze panel of the box was a brilliant idea and kept them well ventilated." - Heather (NSW)

"I was very pleased about receiving the shipment that I ordered. Your service was prompt and caring." - Alexander (WA)

"I would like to thank for your quick service and excellent communication, the worms arrived this morning safe and sound." - Stephen (QLD)

"Thank you very much have received the mealworms today all in great condition. Thank you for the fast service." - Jo (VIC)

"The mealworms arrived this morning, thanks again for fixing up the AusPost issue quickly. Yup, all alive and the chickens are quite happy :P" - Jonathan (VIC)

"Just letting you know the mealworms arrived (very quick service!). Thanks for your service if we need more mealworms I'll order through you again." - Melissa (SA)

"I picked up the mealies this afternoon - they look good; survived the journey well. Thanks again." - Michael (VIC)

"Very fast delivery, quality product." - Jerry (NSW)

"All arrived safe and well on Monday and the girls and boys (chickens) couldn't get enough of them." - Joan (QLD)

"Thanks, our mealworm order arrived yesterday so Australia Post were actually reliable!!! :) Our ducks are going to love them!!!" - Kylie (NSW)

"Thanks for the service, mealworms arrived safe today" - Tim (Victoria)

"My lizard loved them!!" - Katie (Melbourne, Victoria)

"Your easy and friendly service is great, A+ to you guys" - Alan M. (NSW)

"Everything arrived in order this afternoon. Thanks again." - Trevor (SA)

"Wow, mealworms are alive and well after the journey!!!!" - Tiffany (Victoria)

"Well packed, top marks for your outfit." - Jerry B. (NSW)

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